Nokia N81: changelog del ultimo firmware 20.0.056

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N81_1.jpg Desde hace unos días el Nokia N81 tiene nueva versión de firmware v.20.0.056 y hoy os presentamos el changelog o especificaciones tecnicas de este nuevo firmware, la transisión entre esta versión y la anterior es bastante amplia. Lo más destacable de esta nueva versión es la gestión gráfica del menú se asemeja a terminales fp2, también tiene soporte para Web Run Time (Widget) y Flash lite 3.

A continuación os dejamos con las caraterisiticas técnicas del nuevo firmware:


* Voice dialing does not work if no WLAN coverage and VoIP is preferred call type
* Cannot accept arriving call with Send key if naviscroll is used actively
* One way audio when making conference call from IOP phone
* Phone jams & reset when video is activated from N800 during VOIP call
* Calls from phonebook/logs not possible if USSD message sending is cancelled
* Phone crashes at random when MT call is Silenced and then answered
* CPHS Answer Phone Messages Both Line (Orange)


* WLAN is needlessy activated when 3G cell is lost


* NGage Installer: The path for deviceclass is hardcoded preventing
* NGage to be embed into ROM
* Screen flashes twice after get any messages when playing an game
* Game FIFA crashes after canceling “get license”
* Device does Not Provide Fonts Needed by NGage Application
* NGage: Crash and close while starting trial game downloaded from showroom after installation of NGage
* Unknown error (Error 30180) when trying to purchase games
* Cannot activate the game
* Activation doesn’t work with WSOPP/1 day license
* Invalid Activation Code when DP invokes NGage
* LicenseStatusNotification web service
* DP backend gets errors invoking NGage
* LicenseStatusNotification and DeviceStatusNotification services
* NGage app crashes without trace if WLAN access point is no longer valid
* NGage app freeze and require power cycle if user terminate
* GPRS connection by long pressing of End call button at s60 menu screen
* Download trial game later using PC, the email contains scrabble word
* Showroom update does not time out
* Creature of the deep: Credit card is billed but the game is not activated
* Crash is detected when the user cancel in the purchase billing detail page
* Box is displayed as price for Hong Kong variant device in showroom
* Empty friend invitation is received for the embedded build of ngage app
* System error is seen when launching ngage app after download a game into c or e drive
* Ngage front page not found
* All games crash after cancelling from the DRM Purchase process
* 8GB: End User Software Agreement is not part of Game
* Download from mobile Showroom
* N81: NGage application crashed after received the message “…has removed you from their Friends List”
* 8GB: The message “Sorry, payment was refused” appear when purchase in SV environment
* Pressing “Cancel” during “Purchase Now” process causes the game application to crash
* Game downoaded from the showroom cannot be installed
* Pressing or holding the Controller Key Up when at the top of the items in the Showroom does not jump to the bottom item
* NGage remains running on N81 after exit, which results in a crash upon launch

Flashlite 3.0

* Youtube mainpage embedded_video(suspected) causes random browser crashes
* The option “Open to viewer” does not work for youtube videos
* Multiple Flash Cursors visible in the Flash content
* Relative path has used to include ARMv6 binaries
* Flash Lite 3.0 plugin does not hand over URI parameters to application
* Flash Lite 3.0: Certification case
* Multiple cursors drawn when focus on FL3 webpage content during voice call
* Provide a way to disable Fullscreen for Flash video Web sites which are mobile aware-Flash Video player widgets
* Flashlite ATS Sandbox issue causing certification failures
* Can’t resume video playback without reloading page


* Browser ends up in background during platform request launch
* Zoom function causes the browser to crash
* Phone crashes after exit viewing flash file
* Browser hangs up when loading registration page of yahoo mail
* Browser shutdown when doing search on
* Feeds database file size keeps on increasing significantly when automatic update is on
* Flash videos are not played in full screen
* Browser crash when installing Nokia Internet Radio from Nokia

Application Download

* Problem in Progressive FLV with VDR through Browser Plugin
* Unable to scroll the web page on moving back from Flash Video


* Swf contents are cached by browser
* On going download files from Browser can be seen in Music Shop
* Browser view in MusicShop crashes if open Download menu after saving DRM 2.0 song rights


* Backbuffer API: N81 swap time in landscape take longer than expected
* Dim screen when playing FoneTV (Hong Kong)
* Space UI: Unable to add a contact to the tile
* In Menu shell or in folders which contains many Application icons, scrolling won’t work anymore


* Scrolling of SD OMA DRM protected images is quite slow if no RO available
* Can’t open OMA DRM 2.0 Images after downloading
* A .rm extension file when played from gallery stops playing when screen saver pops up
* DRM video thumbnails are corrupted in media gallery


* Midlets cannot be launched after reboot of the terminal
* MIDlet with empty MIDletJarRSASHA1 is installed as trusted


* Cannot send second USSD *135# query when it’s sent after first notification sent by network


* Error information is getting displayed when user tries to view message from Home/New messages


* When device is set to German, Spanish or Italian user is unable to update showroom
* Slovenia : Nokia N95 and reduced support character encoding doesn’t work
* Hong Kong variant: Arena is not localized in Hong Kong variant device


* Symbian file server slows down dramatically when more than 300 files in a folder
* Unable to install *.sisx files to N81
* MPXPlaybackServer crashes under IPC attack
* FLV Mimetype support, Ability to play FLV files received through messaging, opened through File Manager, File Viewer


* Song cannot be added to Music Player after downloaded to phone successfully
* Music Player loses tracks
* The used memory in the Podcast application will be switched back to “Phone Memory” after USB mass storage was connected
* MPX Music Player: Missing 250 music files in library, update does not help


* USB Certification: Chapter9 Test Failed in MSC mode due to USBWatcher goes to wrong device state


* Connecting and disconnecting BT stereo headset rapidly freezes phone
* BTHFMRDS2.0 patch v143 and BTHFMRDS2.1 patch vSM143


* The DUT reboots after returning to idle state from Music when connecting headset(AD54+HS45)
* SplashPhoto screen refresh doesn’t work


* Error in Italian translation
* Exiting maps application stalls the phone completely


* Calendar data restore problem
* DRMClock NITZObserver not working with negative timezone value

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