Python 1.9.4 (nueva version)

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Python informa sobre una nueva versión para PyS60, en este caso hablamos de la versión 1.9.4.

Los cambios que trae esta nueva versión están reflejadas en el changelog:

* A single Nokia signed runtime package which can be installed on all S60 3rd ED and above devices is available.(size with dependencies=2.8MB, actual size if runtime ~1MB)
* Improved Application Packager: The PyS60 application packager now scans the Python application being packaged and picks up the missing Python modules on which the application is dependent and packages them along with the application files.
* Easier runtime deployment: Python runtime and its dependent components can be installed by just running any Python application packaged using 1.9.4 application packager. (Only available from S60 3rd edition FP2 devices onwards with latest firmware)
* Two new APIs added to the socket module – access_points() and set_default_access_point() which have similar functionality to the APIs present in btsocket module.
* Two new APIs added to e32 module – get_capabilities() and has_capabilities(). The former can be used to get the capabilities, the application has been signed with, and the latter to check if a given list of capabilities is granted to the application or not.
* New mode to – ‘full_max’ which can be used to achieve fullscreen on devices that don’t have Left Soft Key and Right Soft Key(e.g.: Nokia 5800).

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